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  • Joe "Oak" Gomez
    Joe "Oak" Gomez changed their Group profile photo.
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    Cathy Ogle joined the group Texas Wheel Guns.
    Texas Wheel Guns
  • Joe "Oak" Gomez
    Lets get back to the business of buying, selling and trading
    • Joe "Oak" Gomez
      Charlie Allen I've joined the socialgunclub and located some groups that interest me. I figured out how to follow these groups but I don't see a way to actually join them. I don't see a way to make a post, I can only comment on someone else's post. Do I need to be a...  more View 1 Reply
    • Joe "Oak" Gomez
      Charlie Allen Joe, I followed your link here to SGC and joined. However the link I followed was somewhat different. After posting the above question I found an option to view SGC in "Full Version" and after clicking on it the whole site changed, from my perspective,...  more View 1 Reply
  • Joe "Oak" Gomez
    Facebook Moving Closer to a Gun Ban? - The Truth About Guns
  • Community Admin
    test multi-photo ad...lets get back to selling and trading
  • Community Admin
    Community Admin updated their group cover photo.
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